Nvidia has announced their new RTX 3000 graphics for gaming laptops! Let’s take a look at these new GPUs and find out what will be coming in 2021.

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0:00 We ain’t got time for an intro here
0:06 Nvidia RTX 3000 Laptop specs
0:22 Power limit differences vs desktop and last gen
0:44 Misleading naming?
1:00 VRAM differences
2:02 CUDA core differences
2:20 Nvidia provided performance claims
3:26 Pricing
3:43 Dynamic boost 2.0 improvements
4:12 Lower fan noise with Whisper mode 2.0
4:40 Resizable BAR support
4:58 Lower latency with Reflex
5:06 High end Ryzen gaming laptops at last!
5:31 Availability

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