Let’s Get Unboxing! Here’s the January 2015 Classic Nerd Block Subscription Box Unboxing! Get your Nerd Block Here!

So, I know this Classic Nerd Block unboxing video is a little late, but I’ve been honing my Video Editing skills to the point where I can knock a video over within a few hours now. Spoilers ahead…..

First up this video is the T-Shirt and is it a beauty. A Sonic Screwdriver t-shirt recommended by the doctor! This is a Doctor Who reference to his multi tool 🙂

Next up is the Scatter Brainz Sticky Darts which later in the video I discover can be used with a decision dart board. Nice!

Who’s a Grumpy Cat then 🙂 I’ve seen other Nerd Blocks have a different design (eg. One with a tie etc) but the one I received was the Grumpy Cat with Glasses. Gizmo has a friend!

Elf Ears from Nerd Block. Maybe a little nerdy for me as I don’t really do the Cosplay or LARPing thing, but still good for a laugh around family and friends.

Hobbit holographic bookmark and Pen. I almost thought this pen was a weapon but it is a Pen in the shape of a key. This is sitting nicely on my desk right now!

Star Wars V The Empire Strikes Back Film Cell. Major Score! This film cell is from the swamp with Yoda riding on the back of Luke Skywalker. Also came with an Authenticity Card! This one is going straight to the Nerd Cave.

And lastly the spin-off comic of Star Trek and The Planet of the Apes – The Primate Directive. Sealed in all it’s glory. Debating whether to open this one or not. Thanks for watching my video!