Here’s My December 2014 Classic Nerd Block Subscription Box Unboxing! This is my first Classic Nerd Block unboxing so I was really excited to see what was in store. This month had something really special. Double the T-Shirts! If you want your own Nerd Block, grab yours hereĀ WARNING: Video Description contains spoilers.

December 2014 Nerd Block Classic contained the following items:

  • Gizmo Plush Toy
  • Tetris Hard Cover Notebook
  • Val Kilmer Signed Willow Print
  • KREO Dungeons and Dragons Lego Style Figurine
  • T-Shirt #1 – Butter Beer Maroon Shirt (Harry Potter)
  • T-Shirt #2 – Doh’s Shirt – Simpsons Jaws theme