Fix your slow loading folders, especially the downloads folder, in Windows 7 & 8 Explorer with this quick speed fix.
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If you are experiencing slow loading folders in Windows Explorer then this video will fix your problems. Windows 7 and Windows 8 users may experience increased load times when opening the downloads folder which is the default folder for Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers to save downloaded files to.

It all has to do with the folder customise section defaulting to Pictures, Documents or Videos which increases the load times due to caching information from every single file inside that Windows Explorer Folder. This could be quite an easy fix for Microsoft but Windows still has the issue even in Windows 8.

After applying the optimised fix from the video, you will see instant (or near enough) folder load times without delay. Increased the speed of load times for other folders too all within this very short YouTube How To Video 🙂

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