Here’s My February 2015 Classic Nerd Block Subscription Box Unboxing From Australia! Grab your Nerd Block now!

Once again, this Classic Nerd Block video is late but fear not for I have been getting more organised. Once I have a routine, these videos will appear more frequently. Spoilers ahead…..

This month, we have the shirt first out of the box. Flashsicle, a Flash Shirt in the style of a popsicle box, just like the cereal box send offs. Great colour too!

Nerd Play cards. I’m not a huge cosplay fan so these cosplayers don’t really mean a lot to me. Looks like the second packet was mostly a repeat of the first. Not bad, these will find a place I’m sure 🙂

Cliccors. Not really sure where these will fit in to my Nerd Cave. There ended up being two included. One in white and blue and the other in pink and black. Again, I’m sure the Nerd Cave will provide a space for these 🙂

Drum up Some Ideas! A notepad with two pencil drumsticks. Hmmmm. I’m not a drummer, so these don’t really appeal to me, but a nice conversation piece for sure!

Star Wars Comic Book Issue 1. With the imminent release of Star Wars Episode 7 at the end of 2015, Star Wars is getting another round of products thrust in our faces. This one is staying sealed though as you never know in 20 years time what this might be worth.

Saul Goodman Breaking Bad Vinyl Figure. With Better Call Saul hitting TV’s everywhere, this figure of Saul Goodman from the Breaking Bad series is a welcome addition. Standing 4.5″ tall, this Titan figure looks great.