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This is my very first Arcade Block unboxing review from the creators of Nerd Block. Because I live in Sydney, Australia, the shipping takes a little longer to get through, but I come through in the end. It must be all the Kangaroos. I am definitely a bit of a gamer too so I am really excited to see what’s inside. Spoilers ahead…..

So this is the first time I’ve changed up my unboxings a little. Now you get to see my reactions instead of just hear them. First out of the box is a Guardians Of The Galaxy T-Shirt. I absolutely loved Guardians of the Galaxy and can’t wait for any sequel to arrive. Next out was a bit of a mystery to me. Radio Free Kyrat was the tee which I later find out is to do with Far Cry 4. I haven’t played this game prior to making this video so I didn’t see the reference. Great Shirt though.

Next we are looking at a Stress Ball in the shape of a classic Atari 2600 Controller. This is a fantastic addition to the desk figures that I have already and will be very helpful in alleviating the stress of work. Up next is an awesome 8-bit or 16-bit pixel Ryu doing his Hadoken move. This Street Fighter reference is a light that when activated, plays the classic Hadoken sound. I have to say I play with this now even after the video was made. Street Fighter always brings back memories of the arcade, playing against friends on the Super Nintendo (Super Famicom for our friends in the US and Canada) and trying to master different characters moves. Very Nice Addition to this months Arcade Block! Thanks Nerd Blcok.

Wasn’t quite sure what this next item was until I opened it. A red notebook with a Gameboy style image on the front and inside are stick it notes. Stands right on it’s ends too so it makes a great addition to the desk and still brings with it some style! And lastly we have the Batman Arkham Knight First Edition Comic Book. I still have every comic from each NerdBlock I have opened so this one from ArcadeBlcok will make a great addition to the collection!

Well, that is all from this Arcade Block Unboxing Review for March 2015. I really hoped you enjoyed it. Please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you want to see more upcoming videos. Also, why not click on the Thumbs Up button if you enjoyed. I know you want to. Leave a comment underneath if you want to offer me any suggestions or to know more about what I got in the Arcade Block.

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