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By sharing TechWiz videos and blog posts on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ you are in fact offering your support.

Through spreading the TechWiz message, we can reach other awesome people whom will also love and cherish TechWiz.

So whenever you see a Facebook, Google+ or Twitter icon, make sure you smash those buttons and share for my eternal gratitude.


Are you feeling generous and have a spare dollar or two? Then you can help support TechWiz through our Pateron page.

Pledging through Patreon helps TechWiz expand and bring you more entertaining and informative YouTube videos.

Do not feel obliged to donate through Patreon if you have very little. I know what it's like. Instead help us via sharing socially!

Amazon Affiliate

Did you know that if you use the TechWiz Amazon Affiliate link before you buy anything on Amazon, then TechWiz will receive a very small fee for every product you purchase. And the best thing is that it doesn't cost you a single cent.

All you need to do is click here on our Amazon Affiliate link and start making your purchases on Amazon. Better still, follow the link and then add it as a bookmark. Then everytime you go to the bookmark you'll be supporting TechWiz.

So what are you waiting for. If you shop for anything on Amazon, bookmark the TechWiz Amazon Affiliate link and support TechWiz through your normal Amazon purchases. It's at absolutely no cost to you and you end up inadvertently helping out TechWiz.

Buy Shirts

Go and checkout the TechWiz Online Shop for a wide variety of designs that will surely find a place in your heart.

From designs inspired by Video Games, Movies and TV Shows through to Popular Culture references.

TechWiz uses American Apparel brand T-Shirts so you can be assured of the best quality garments.


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